Gemini Zodiac Sign

Dates21 May – 20 June
SymbolThe Twins
MantraI Think
PlanetMercury (Communication)
PolarityYang (Positive, Male)
SeasonEarly Summer
ColoursYellow, Black
FlowersLavender, Lily of the Valley
StonesTourmaline, Agate
Gemini - The Twins

Gemini is symbolised by the Twins and is the Sign of partnership and are the chameleons of the Zodiac who are outgoing and highly-intelligent with a light, fun approach life who can often be of two minds about things. Ruled by Planet Mercury (Communication), they are sociable, diplomatic, quick-witted, good listeners and conversationalists. Being an Air Sign, ideas and logical reasoning are important to them. They also go with the flow, quickly and impulsively and moving from one thing, person or idea to the next. As a Mutable Sign, they easy going, versatile, flexible and highly resourceful and find it easy to deal with change. Like chameleons taking on varied personas, they can change their form of expression to whatever a situation requires.  Although they are diplomatic, sympathetic and self-less in their desire to please others, they can also be perceived as being inconsistent, uncommitted and unreliable.

Gemini Shadow Side

On the shadow side of Gemini they can be big talkers who don’t achieve anything or they can have their heads in the clouds and not be practical. They may also find it difficult to be emotional.

Gemini Career Compatibility

People with Gemini energy can be great linguists, speakers, communicators, inventors, comedians and socialites amongst other things. They excel in linking events and people together. In this way they would be ideal to run companies such as dating agencies or personnel recruitment.

Gemini Relationship Compatibility

Gemini seek spontaneity, change, and excitement in a relationship and are attracted to partners that are adventurous, free-spirited, and have a wild or eccentric streak. Gemini is the Sign most likely to stray as they get bored easily. Their relationships tend to be conflict-free as they are easy-going have mastered the art of compromise. Gemini tend to make friends very easily and find dating equally painless – what is important to them is love.

The most compatible Zodiac Signs with Gemini are generally considered to be Aries, Leo, Libra and Aquarius and the least compatible Zodiac Signs Virgo and Pisces. However, as well as Sun Sign compatibility, other planetary connections also need to be taken into consideration to obtain a full picture of the astrology compatibility. If you would like to explore this further, please see our range of personal birth chart compatibility analysis reports available to order from this site.