Libra Zodiac Sign

Dates3 Sept – 22 Oct
SymbolThe Scales
MantraI Relate
PlanetVenus (Passion)
PolarityYin (Negative, Female)
SeasonMid Autumn
ColoursPale Blue, Pink
FlowersBlue Bells, Roses
StonesSapphire, Opal
Libra - The Scales

Libra’s tendency to weigh things up before acting is symbolised by the Scales representing balance and justice. Libras often possess a certain charm, grace and diplomacy. Highly social, they tend to have many friend and are very popular and are the social butterflies or cool kids of the Zodiac. Ruled by Planet Venus, they appreciate love and romance and have an affinity with beauty, art and style and as Air Signs, this will be in the realm of ideas, concepts and logical reasoning. Being Cardinal Signs, Libras are leaders who initiate projects and motivate others.

Libra Shadow Side

Libras shadow side is that they can become a person who can never make a decision and is ineffective in the world. Another shadow side of Libra is the person who takes justice to its extreme, is out of touch with his emotions, and has no mercy on those around him.

Libra Career Compatibility

Libra energy would influence a person to be a good artist, a diplomat and a marriage counsellor.

Libra Relationship Compatibility

Relationships are what Libra does best – they are one of the most thoughtful, caring and loving Signs of the Zodiac and will give their all to the people they love. They are romantic and fall in love easily and are most attracted to good-looking people who are articulate and can hold their attention.

The most compatible Zodiac Signs with Libra are generally considered to be Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius and the least compatible Zodiac Signs Cancer and Capricorn. However, as well as Sun Sign compatibility, other planetary connections also need to be taken into consideration to obtain a full picture of the astrology compatibility. If you would like to explore this further, please see our range of personal birth chart compatibility analysis reports available to order from this site.