Taurus Zodiac Sign

Dates20 April – 20 June
SymbolThe Bull
MantraI have
PlanetVenus (Love, Romance)
PolarityYin (Negative, Female)
SeasonLate Spring
ColoursGreen & Light Pink
FlowersRose, Poppy & Foxglove
Taurus - The Bull

Taurus is symbolized by the Bull – as well as being loyal and committed, they can also be very stubborn, opinionated, jealous and possessive. Ruled by Planet Venus (Love & Romance) they are charming, graceful and dignified. Taurus is an Earth Sign which is about possessions and being grounded and real. They take their time to make decisions and base them on how a something as well as relationships, will benefit them personally. Taurus surround themselves with beautiful things such as a lovely home and expensive cars, and enjoy being pampered and spoilt.  In general, they prefer life to be stable, steady and predictable and shy away from change. As a Fixed Sign, they are extremely stubborn who almost never change their opinions and hate change.  They have a fixed determination to do thing their own way and are loyal, reliable and hard-working who slowly persevere towards their goals. When they commit to something, they keep their word and accept their responsibilities. However, if betrayed, they will hold a grudge.

Taurus Shadow Side

Taurus energy that is distorted or misused could result in the person obsessed with food and drink, or someone bound to his material possessions or too lazy to get up and achieve anything.

Taurus Career Compatibility

Taurus can make great gardeners and farmers as they are so in touch with the earth and its beauty. They are also known to make great artists and musicians with their appreciation of the senses. With their connection to the earth they could also make good practical business people accumulating lots of wealth.

Taurus Relationship Compatibility

What Taurus seeks in a relationship is intimacy, dependability and security. They dislike nagging partners or anything cheap or fake.

The most compatible Zodiac Signs with Taurus are generally considered to be Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces and the least compatible Zodiac Signs Leo and Aquarius. However, as well as Sun Sign compatibility, other planetary cross-connections also need to be taken into consideration to obtain a complete picture of the compatibility of the relationship in Astrology. However, as well as Sun Sign compatibility, other planetary connections also need to be taken into consideration to obtain a full picture of the astrology compatibility. If you would like to explore this further, please see our range of personal birth chart compatibility analysis reports available to order from this site.